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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why I print my Digital Files.

It's easy to have hard drive after hard drive of family memories. We've all fallen into the, "Just one more Terra Byte" Mentality. I do it too, but I print my favorites from all events. Then I put them in an album. But if they were extra special, I enlarge them and hang them on the wall. I've always had a wall that I rotated out photos on. It became known as THE wall and I have heard, "Hey look! I made the wall!" It's not that serious, but I'm always flattered.
I took this photograph off my wall yesterday. {for the on going awesome kitchen remodel} I've had this photo on a wall somewhere for the past Seven years.
Me Grant Beach Frame
It's just a snapshot taken at the beach with an Olympus Point & Shoot. I'm wearing THE goofiest hat EVER {I think I still have it} and I even have sand on my nose, but I love this photo. When I see it, it reminds me of how far I've come in my life. The girl in this photo does not have it together. She's a newly single Mom. She is stressed out. She's worried about all the little things involved with raising two boys while working Sixty hours a week. But she's still strong and she's not hiding from whatever life is ready to throw her. This girl is still light years away from finding the amazing love of her life, Michael.
When I see this photo, it reminds me to slow down and be right "here" wherever here is. It reminds me that I am a strong person with a giant passion for this life. And if I have to move a mountain, I think I can.
Photographs mean different things to different people. It's art. When you ask Grant what he thinks about this photo, he says. "I remember that day the beach, Mom. It was the BEST day EVER."
You know, it was a really great day.

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