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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tim & Romina ~ Married

If there was a single word to describe Romina, it would be passionate. But I don't think that you should forget energetic or determined or detailed. When I met Romina, she was dressing and speaking a language that I was sure I couldn't respond in. She was very detailed with her dressing, and maintained a serious look in the mirror while engaging in mixes of her native tongue, Romanian and some German. Romina, Romishka to some, is a such a true beauty that she could have easily been gorgeous in 5 minutes; but it was fun to photograph her primping.

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_002

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_011bw

Tim & Romina elected to get married at the local courthouse earlier that week. The event I photographed was a Wedding party and an introduction to Tim's Family. In a situation where that could have been awkward, Romina's passion for life, love and Tim took over. Each time Romina was spotted she was giving out hugs, pulling all ages to the dance floor and force-feeding the traditional wedding foods of Romania & Germany to all guests. This does in include me, she will not take no for an answer, before you knew it, it was right in your mouth.

FB Food A

I don't know what it was, but there was this one AMAZING dessert that was a gorgeous triangle of puff pastry or filo bread filled with a warm cheese, cherries and a spicy pepper - whatever it was - I was in LOVE. Any idea what it was? Don't ever pass it up.

Tim & Romina met in downtown Pensacola and elected to shoot their Bridal / Groomal shots on the beach. We were fortunate to be blessed with a gorgeous sunset and no wind, a small wedding miracle.

Fb Beach 1

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_030

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_032

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_021

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_026

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_042

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_043

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_037

After a short stop at Starbucks...we were on the way to Tim & Romina's home for an amazing Wedding party.

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_047

Tim & Romina's home was a beautiful backdrop for this fun party. It is decorated from head to toe and was adorned with white flowers and white balloons. It just screamed wedding party, complete with DJ, and a dance floor. They really thought of everything.

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_070bw

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_060
Romina said that in her country everyone dances at the wedding party. Everyone. And she meant it. At some point, every guest, young and old hit the dance floor. Her persistence was impressive.
fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_166

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_115bw

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_072

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_149

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_150

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_126

As a fun treat and a reminder, when you have a party in October, you never know who will be ringing your door bell - this attractive couple made Tim & Romina's party the first stop on a night of Halloween party adventures.

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_071

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_140

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_129

As the party closed, the couple released 150 balloons in the air. Each balloon signified a wish for each happy year together. {Awwwwe} At the end of the day, it's about being happy together. Romina makes Tim happy. These guys ooze the lovey-dovey dream we all have. Many Congratulations to Tim & Romina. It was an honor to document one of the most important days of your lives, and thank you for allowing me into your home and life that beautiful October evening. Much Appreciation, Daphne.

fb 11-10-22 Tim & Romina_111

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  1. You did a fantastic job Daphne! Great memories for the happy couple!

  2. Thanks! There is something about photographing a wedding that leaves you on this gooey love-high for weeks. :-)