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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sparkle Shoes, Turkey Shaped Butter & Being Thankful

Blessings are a funny thing. It's so nice to have them, but sometimes it's so easy to overlook them. Each year, I try to tally them up, but always fall short. There are small blessings and Big Blessings. How small is too small to count? (Should I count that I'm thankful Avon didn't discontinue the "Brown Sugar" Glazeware? Seriously, I want to count everything) But when I do start counting, I always run out of fingers to count them on. And I think that when I run out of fingers, that counts as a blessing too, I mean who ever thought there would be so many. It's good to be thankful. Good for the soul, nice to remember how fortunate you are, it's a great way of avoiding the "down in the dumps" it goes {I'll try to narrow it down to only Eleven for 2011}.

1. Sparkle Shoes

I'm so thankful that my little Tom Boy-Girl is falling in love with such girly things. She loves all things glitter & sequins and finally let me paint her nails. We painted them new OPI muppets Silver. She's finally becoming the dress up doll I've always wanted. Yeah, me.

2. Turkey Shaped Butter

It's nice to slow down and look at life through the eyes of a child. An easy thing, when you've got 3 running around. Turkey Shaped Butter is always a hit at Thanksgiving. My SIL always makes sure it's on the table. I'm not sure if it's the extreme details of the butter sculpture or the smell of buttery goodness or the fact that everyone wants the head, but it's just good fun for our holiday. I'm thankful for the excitement that such a tiny detail brings out of all the work that goes into creating a wonderful Thanksgiving.

3. Great In Laws

I'll bet this is neglected on a lot of top tens, but my SIL is a real life saver. My SIL & I usually rotate Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday hosting duties. This year was clearly my turn to host Thanksgiving, but my home is in no shape for festive events. The remodel has taken a life of its own. I still have no functioning appliances, but I do have them. So, while I was pasting stainless steel tiles as the new back spash of my dream kitchen, my Sister In Law & young Niece were cooking and baking up a feast. I'm so thankful for the wonderful traditional meal she creates and the warm welcome she continues to offer.

4. Great Children

It's easy to take great grades and good manners for granted as an expectation. I am always so proud of my boys & my baby girl. They are thoughtful and considerate. I'm thankful for the loving joy they bring to my life.

5. Photography

Freezing time & special moments with my camera make me feel like a true artist. I never want to take that feeling for granted. Getting that perfect shot is really a magical moment. I love the way it makes me feel. I know that my photographs are appreciated. I'm thankful I can share & teach what I learn to others.

6. Share you Blessings

I love to talk about my blessings. We wrote them down this year. I'm thankful that we're teaching that to our children. Some people don't realize that you think the little things they do are a blessing. Sometimes being thankful is just saying, "Thank You"

7. Sandy Toes

There is really something amazing about the water rushing up on your feet as they squish in the sand. Standing next to the crashing waves, and looking out into the vast ocean makes you feel so small. Its nice to keep yourself in check. I'm thankful that I live close enough to the beach that I can be reminded often.

8. Good Movies

I love that my husband has a borderline sick obsession for keeping his gynormous movie collection in alphabetical order. I love to run away inside a great movie. This movie is a treat. And it was easy to find. Thank you Michael.

9. The return of Glitter Nail Polish

Welcome back sparkles. It's nice to be a girl. I like wearing glitter. Next year, If they bring back unicorn tee's I'll be in heaven.

10. The dream come true Home Remodel

It's one thing to have all these ideas floating around in your head about dreamy new hardwood floors or a shiny new kitchen, but to go all out and spend the family vacation fund on the August Electrolux sale is another one. The icing is doing the entire remodel yourself, is another. I'm thankful for the things I've learned, and for the things I didn't want to learn at all but now know.

11. Michael
fb 11-11-25 bday-17
I'm so thankful to have someone I'm just crazy about to share my life with. I know if I wanted it, he'd lasso the moon. Just like George Bailey. He makes our house a home, helps me to raise responsible well mannered babes and cheers for me while I chase my photography dreams. As another year passes, I'm thankful that we got to share it together.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of 2011 surrounded by the joys of Christmas and the love of family.
xoxo, Daphne

Daphne Ellenburg is a budding photography business owner in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants in home studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and all things Olympus. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg Photography {Website} {Facebook} {EP Blog}{Daphne's Blog}{Join EP Project 52}

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