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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Awkward Dinner Moment

Last week, Camera South held it's Annual Awards dinner, I was fortunate enough to attend. It's always a good time to hang out with other local photographers and artists. I can ask all the photography questions that I'm burning to know, like this week's question was - "Do you LOVE the Shootsac?" I'm always in love with the next life changing gadget and right now, I'm pretty sure the Shootsac could be that item.
We sat at a long put together banquet table surrounded by Photography friends and their Spouses. Michael offered to join me, partly for support and partly because we don't have a kitchen.
With Michael on one side of me, that left the other side for Dick Dixon. I'd never met Dick before tonight but was totally fascinated with his sailing adventures.
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Dick Dixon has been a sailor for over 20 years and is a frequent writer for many national sailing magazines, he writes and shoots events all over the coasts - this particular article was one of the many Florida Regattas. I think I'm completely in love with the idea of sailing around the world or maybe just around Mobile bay. It was great to pick Dick Dixon's head about all these sailing details and was thankful I didn't bore him to death my endless questions. Ps I started following him on Flickr too...but that is neither here nor there.
The only award this evening went to our outgoing president. A real nice guy. {who by the way answered my burning question last month of "Do I want the Wacom pad?" He said "yes you do".}
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And it would indeed be a mistake for me not to mention that I NEVER turn down Key Lime Pie. Even if you made it for the first time and you were pretty sure you did it wrong and you half-heartily offered me a slice, I'd still try it. Mmmmm.

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So, after I enjoyed my Grilled Chicken with Portebella Mushrooms and asked Dick at least 25 more questions, I reached into my bag to pull out my prized camera to snap a few shots of the evening, and realized....OMG...
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The new lens that was in my B&H want list that disappeared last week, that I accidentally opened with my mail, that is supposed to be my birthday present, that coincidentally wasn't wrapped yet, that I happened to take on my afternoon shoot with me was on my camera. And my amazing husband/gift buyer was sitting next to me. {AWKWARD.} Will he give me the stink eye? or worse, will he return my 25mm super wide fixed lens?
Michael just smiled and asked, "Do you like it?" He later asked me to box it back up, but he hasn't followed up on it yet. I'm sure he'll get around to it. I'm sure I will too :-)

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