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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak Peek ~ Fishing with Great Grandpa

I've never been asked to photograph a fishing trip. No one would turn down the opportunity to photograph special moments between little people and Great Grandparents. It was so cute to watch them cast out, and sit and wait and hope for the big one to hook the line. There was no big one, but it was indeed a big time enjoyed by both young and old. Special little moments are what life is all about.
fb fish 11-11-19 Kristy 1-2

fb Fish 11-11-19 Kristy 1-18a

fb fish 11-11-19 Kristy 2-2

fb fish 11-11-19 Kristy 2-36

fb fish 11-11-19 Kristy 2-39

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