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Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life.

As I reflect back on my year, this year and each year, I'm reminded that this is a wonderful life. This year, I've watched my babies grow and learn. My business has continued to blossom and it left my home. I love my photography to the point I can lose track of all time while I'm shooting or editing or prepping. And the icing on the cake is that every day I love my husband and family a little more than the day before. I don't know how they manage to do that, but they do. 
2013 has been a great year here at Project 52. It's always so nice to peek inside your lives and meet your family and watch them grow. I love that our group is small, friendly and encouraging. I love watching how your photography has blossomed. Practice makes perfect. Pick up that camera every week even if it's only for a snap shot. This is not an easy challege, but you have done it faithfully each week no matter how crazy our lives are and how busy we are. You made time for you and your camera and you just shared it with us. I am happy to have shared this wonderful year with you.
If you are joining us next year for the 2014 challenge, your theme will be released tomorrow. It's so nice to have so many so active in the challenge for so long. I really enjoy hosting this great group of amazing photographers. Click here to sign up for the 2014 challenge.
Our top ten is in no particular order each week. When you love the shot, check out the artist. Artist links are directly below each photograph. Here we go.....

ONE {Love the bold color pops and the jump shot is certainly classic fun. Great fun here for Christmas morning!}
It's DEFINITELY a Wonderful Life!!

It's DEFINITELY a Wonderful Life!! by jules1836 

TWO {The big smiles and focus on the candle for your subjects is fabulous here. the black and white is perfect for this week. I love this movie. Great quote!}

Week 52/52 - It's A Wonderful Life

Week 52/52 - It's A Wonderful Life by Lisa Kollberg

THREE {Is there anything cuter than families in matching pajamas? I don't think so. Great shot of all your babes with their babes. The fact that you have them all together is a wonderful life indeed!}

Family Collage

Family Collage by Catcher In My Eye

FOUR {The leading lines here are Fab. I'm taken right to the bubble and then to that excited little face. Great shot and wonderful processing!}

Project 52 It's a Wonderful Life

Project 52 It's a Wonderful Life by Terry Lynn Ayers 

FIVE {Great blue pop. This shot has a fun 60's vibe and I love it! Your daughter is stunning as always!}

Week 52/52 It's a Wonderful Life

Week 52/52 It's a Wonderful Life by Catherine_pdx 

SIX {Fun collage of a great year. Your baby girl always looks like the life of the party.}

52/52 {It's A Wonderful Life}

52/52 {It's A Wonderful Life} by DoubleLPhoto

SEVEN {I love the soft light and the intense focus by your tiny subject. There is something magical about the iPad.}

Week 52 ~ "It's A Wonderful Life"

Week 52 ~ "It's A Wonderful Life" by Irela 

EIGHT {A great gift staged beautifully next to the tree. I know these will be part of wonderful life for many years!}

Week 52 - It's a wonderful life

Week 52 - It's a wonderful life by Jen Foster

NINE {This made me laugh quite a bit. It's funny. It's warm. It's loving. I know this will be shot that comes out for your girls year after year!}

52/52 Its a wonderful life

52/52 Its a wonderful life by Detta Owens 

TEN {Happy Anniversary. 24 years and still going and growing this wonderful life. Congratulations!}

M4H 52/52 (!) {sweet} EP52 52/52 {Wonderful Life}

M4H 52/52 (!) {sweet} EP52 52/52 {Wonderful Life} by Anita 

Congratulations on completing the 2013 project! On December 31st, I will be highlighting some favorites from our year of fun.

What's NEW with Daphne Ellenburg?

The week of Christmas always seems like the busiest week every. For whatever reason, I will always cram it full of everything I possibly can and then regret that I did so much. This year was no different.

We started the week with a glamorous Fashion Runway Party for an amazing six year old, Shelby.

FB 131221 Shelby Ward Party-14 EDIT

We hosted a family Christmas Party.


My Daughter became a stuffed petographer.


We saw Santa. Usually it's the smallest child that asks Santa for something I'm pretty sure I'll be surprised by, but this year it was Jackson. He asked Santa for an Xbox one and then he had a 7 minute discussion about how the elves make video games with Santa. The line was long. I was pretty sure were were going to get jumped. But we made it out ok.


They must have all been very good this year because Santa took good care of them all.

Madison turned 6 and here birthday wish was to stay in her pj's all day. Not a bad wish.


Birthday hugs. I love this shot.


For her party, we played games.


And made cotton candy - an experience  I wish for none of you. Always buy it. Always.


I rounded out the week with beating Mike in Checkers (one out of nine times)


Watched a Great movie.


And Jefferson enjoyed his first smoothie.


Wishing you a wonderful 2014 filled with Love, Laugher, Family and Photography! Thank you for being part of my 2013.