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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indiana Jones visits Creola Alabama

Costumed Photo Shoots are one of my favorite things! Grant really could have been Dr. Jones - He was cracking his whip & looking for adventure. This photo adventure was truly a delight! We took all these shots right outside the Ellenburg Photography Studio in Beautiful Creola, Alabama. To See all of Grant's fun Photo-Adventure, visit Ellenburg Photography
Blog P1014578

Blog P1014563

Blog P1014557

Blog P1014581

Blog P1014579A

Blog P1014592

Blog P1014589

Blog P1014586

Blog P1014613

Blog P1014608

Blog P1014598

Blog P1014618

Blog P1014614

Blog P1014643

Blog P1014642

Blog P1014637

Blog P1014635

Blog P1014622
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Girl

I love taking Costumed photos the week of Halloween. Kids are so much more excited! Enjoy a few of Madison as Super Girl.
Blog P1014713

blog P1014693M

Blog P1014773

Blog P1014765

Blog P1014798

Blog P1014782

blog P1014779

Blog P1014741

blog P1014707
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Ashley & Clayton

Young Love on a beautiful Fall Morning. Enjoy some of my favorites from our session. See all the great photos of Ashley & Clayton at Ellenburg Photography

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-70A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-64A

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-60A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-193

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-183

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-123

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-121

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-115A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-111

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-91

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-89

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-88

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-78

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-77

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-93A

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-103A
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caples Family

A beautiful Fall Morning with a beautiful Family. Enjoy a session with some of my favorite people.
blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-150M

BLOG 102410 Caples Jpeg-13

BLOG 102410 Caples Jpeg-03

BLOG 102410 Caples Jpeg-06

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-159A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-17

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-40

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-22

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-26a

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-23

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-31A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-53A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-57A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-126

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-140A

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-142

blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-145

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-153

102410 Caples Jpeg-53A

Blog 102410 Caples Jpeg-156A

102410 Caples Jpeg-09A

102410 Caples Jpeg-06A

102410 Caples Jpeg-03A
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