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Friday, October 8, 2010


Cozumel has always been my favorite island. It's where Mike & I went on our Honeymoon. Love Love Love it!
BLOG 093010 Cozumel-41

Blog 093010 Cozumel-04

Blog 093010 Cozumel-06
I surprised Mike with Parasailing tickets! What a GREAT time!
Blog 093010 Cozumel-15

blog 093010 Cozumel-23

blog 093010 Cozumel-33

Blog 093010 Cozumel-07

blog 093010 Cozumel-08

Blog 093010 Cozumel-05

Blog 093010 Cozumel-12
We sat under this tree all afternoon.
blog 093010 Cozumel-13

Blog 093010 Cozumel-09

BLOG 093010 Cozumel-38

BLOG 093010 Cozumel-37

Blog 093010 Cozumel-02

blog 093010 Cozumel-39

BLOG 093010 Cozumel-44

Blog 093010 Cozumel-01

BLOG 093010 Cozumel-54
Can't wait until the next Ellenburg Adventure!

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