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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Second stop on my gettaway...Belize. I've always wanted to go here, but once I got here, it looked a lot like Alabama.

blog 092810 Belize-49

blog 092810 Belize-46
After taking in the scenery, we boarded the scary bus & headed to the Jungle.
blog 092810 Belize-43
Our Travel Partners, Mike & Susie joined my husband, Mike & I for some Jungle / Cave adventures in Zip Lining.
blog 092810 Belize-39
But first we had to climb this mountain...
blog 092810 Belize-19

Blog 092810 Belize-21

blog 092810 Belize-14

blog 092810 Belize-26
Yes, serious Helmet Hair.
Blog 092810 Belize-17

Blog 092810 Belize-18

blog 092810 Belize-10
The zips were about 100 ft. High and longer than a football field across. Some zips, I couldn't see the other side.
blog 092810 Belize 2-05
Classic Line of the trip, Mike "I don't think my deodorant has been tested for fear." Mine too. Just Sayin.
Blog 092810 Belize 2-07

blog 092810 Belize 2-02

blog 092810 Belize 2-03

blog 092810 Belize-09

Blog 092810 Belize-07

Blog 092810 Belize-08
I heart Vacation!

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