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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mobile Greater Gulfcoast Fair

A rainy night at the Mobile Greater Gulfcoast Fair seemed like the perfect place to test the weatherproof boasts of my newest camera, Olympus's E5. The fair was a fun place to relax with my family & celebrate the 14 A's & 1 B my boys brought home this week for report cards. (bragging :-) so proud of them)
BLOG P1014469

BLOG P1014472
This is my Jackson.
BLOG P1014508BW

BLOG P1014466A
Dad & Maddie - this is Madison's first trip to the fair.
BLOG P1014509BW
This is my smarty pants, Grant.
BLOG P1014511M
The elusive Pokeman. We spent 20 bucks trying to take this home. No Pokeman this time.
BLOG P1014544

BLOG P1014486BW

BLOG P1014547A

BLOG P1014506
I love the fair. If you haven't gone yet, get out there.
It's open 'til Sunday.

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