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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Now is the perfect time to update your family portrait. Our big holiday sale is here! 
When you book a session with Ellenburg Photography between Black Friday and Cyber Monday on our website, we will create 25 custom Christmas cards for you at no additional cost. 
All sessions are included: Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family and High School Seniors.

Holiday Portrait Q & A with Daphne Ellenburg.
When is the perfect time for Holiday family portraits?
Now. If you are even thinking about it, it's time. Booking early gets you on our calendar first. And when you're early, you can use these great portraits to create amazing Christmas cards, and portrait gifts.  Book your session by December 12, 2014 to view and have your portraits back in time for Christmas.

What is the biggest delay to booking Holiday Portraits?
Many families are waiting for their child to "smile right" or until someone loses just 5 more pounds. Holiday portraits are not a reflection of perfection. They are a beautiful reflection of NOW. Right now teething babies drool. Right now 5 year olds have the biggest most beautiful cheese smile. Right Now you are beautiful. Right now your spouse and your Mom want a portrait of you and your children. Now is a great time. Don't let Now slip past you.

What should we wear for Holiday portraits?
Solids are always best for any portrait, but if someone needs to wear fun plaid or great chevron pattern, dress it on your smallest children. Pick one color and work it on everyone in somewhere different using accessories. Speaking of accessories - don't forget them. Paint your nails, wear fun jewelry, and hats are always fun.

What if we don't know what we want at all?
Knowing you want your portrait of Now is a great start. Call our studio and our friendly staff will book you for a free consultation. At the consultation, we will talk about wardrobes, backdrops and posing. You are in good hands when you book with Ellenburg Photography. 

Take advantage of our wonderful sale this weekend. We can't wait to get you in front of our camera.

Ellenburg Photography's portrait studio is located in the heart of Saraland Alabama just north of Mobile at 914 Saraland Blvd South, Saraland AL 36571. 

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Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a bussling Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and all things Apple. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at or email her at

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red. White. Blue.  These three colors are always fun to photograph during America's Birthday week, but what's it all mean? For the American flag it means: White to mean Purity and innocence. Red for valor and hardiness. Blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice. For our photo group, we selected a pick one or use all three theme and most people went with all three.  We saw lots of patriotic flags, flowers, tasty treats, fireworks and fun family adventures. Here most people enjoyed a long 3 or 4 day weekend so there was plenty of opportunity for some of that great family togetherness.
The Ellenburgs were no different. I enjoy photographing my children in Red White and Blue every year for the 4th of July. I waited until the end of the day after they were full of BBQ, Soda and sunshine. Here's what we came up with:
Not bad for being tired and uninterested in having their portrait made.

Jefferson was my shot of the week. I loved his curls and his fascination with the flag. He's such a fun baby. If they were all like him, I'd have my own baseball team of Ellenburgs.
27/52 Red White and Blue Jefferson

Our top ten is always in no particular order. When you love the shot, check out the artist. The artist links are directly below the portrait.
Ready. Set. Here we go...

ONE {Love the bright colors and the fabulous idea: desert to go! So creative and fun.}
27/52 Theme: Red, White & Blue
27/52 Theme: Red, White & Blue by Catcher In My Eye

TWO {Gorgeous warm tones followed by epic glasses. Very cool find indeed.}
27/52 - Red White and Blue
27/52 - Red White and Blue by Kara Gootee-Robinson

THREE {Beautiful girl surrounded by gorgeous light! Love all these star balloons - very creative and she looks happy all can be!}
Project 52  Red, White and Blue
Project 52 Red, White and Blue by Terry Lynn Ayers

FOUR {Gorgeous bokeh. I've got to get me a string of holiday lights to have out all the time. I always love your shots. How about these coke cans? Everyone sorting and clambering to find their name. Michael doesn't drink coke zero but bought one because it had his name on it.}Red
EP Project 52 - 27/52 - Red by Lissa

FIVE {A beautiful beach scene turned magically blue thru the magic of Lightroom. Now if you can turn a beach blue, I'm sure I can turn a field of wild grass purple for my bestie ;-) GREAT shot. Wonderful idea for this week.}
Week 25 - Water
Week 25 - Water by dazybug22

SIX {Best fireworks I've seen in a while. They look like perfect red flowers. GREAT processing. Well done.}
Week 27 - Red, White, and Blue 
Week 27 - Red, White, and Blue by Jen Foster

SEVEN {Red, White and Blue paint on a wrapped speaker to some Great tunes turned up LOUD. How fun and creative is this? Tony is always raising the bar and makes me want to be more creative. Don't you want to try this now? Great work!}
Wk27/52: Complicated
Wk27/52: Complicated by Tony McCann

EIGHT {Mmmmm. Tasty. Love the wonderful detail in both the strawberry and the sugar.}
{red, white & blue} week 27
{red, white & blue} week 27 by karisworld

NINE {That is mighty blue. Great find for this week's theme!}
white Breasted Kingfisher
white Breasted Kingfisher by Ravjeet Singh

TEN {A beautiful smile perfectly framed between your Red White and blue. She is a cutie!}
27/52 red,white,blue
27/52 red,white,blue by Detta Owens

Honorable Mention {Somewhere is hiding in the mix of family and red, white and blue is Irela. Did you know she's stopping by Ellenburg Photography for a photo adventure this Friday? We're sure to snap a selfie or two :-) }
Week 27 ~ Red White Blue
Week 27 ~ Red White Blue by Irela

Honorable Mention {I wanted my baby to do this, but failed. You rocked it so perfectly. }
EP52 27/52 {red,white or blue}
EP52 27/52 {red,white or blue} by Anita

Week 28's theme is: Pair
Sneak Peek Alert! Week 29's theme will be "With Food"

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?
This week was no less busy than the last. I am really trying to pack as much life into every week that I can. I read a quote a few weeks ago and it stuck with me, "The thing most feared is a half-lived life". Read it again.
Isn't that terrifying? So now, the way I see things - I'm moving full speed ahead with all my dreams. Time is a wasting. First stop: Maximizing the studio.

Here's the new Moon in action. Madison and her dog army love it.

Matched some red Paint to the cover of Bazaar. {yes I did and no one at the paint store thought that was weird at all.}

I bought some white paint too and created the whitest background ever.

Ordered some life-sized art for my living room.

Found this gem while editing the Holiday pictures of my children. There is always one in every family. 

Photographed a wedding at a gorgeous historical hotel in Downtown Mobile. This is Jason and Erin at the Battlehouse.

Jefferson will be editing the wedding.
Okay, Jefferson would like to edit the wedding. He's a sneaky little guy.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and photography. Make everyday count!