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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sun, Sand & the Morans

When I'm asked to photograph at the beach {any Beach} - I'm immediately transported to my happy place. I love everything about the beach. That great beachy Smell, Squishing between my toes, rolling waves, creepy seagulls...yep all of it. So, when Kristy asked me to photograph her family, how could I resist? I just adore the Moran boys. I photographed little Aaron on his first birthday on a railroad track and his new baby brother just a few months ago when he was just born. They are growing so fast. Documenting growing families in fun places is just one of the many perks of this job. Greatest Job Ever!
Enjoy a few of my favorites of Kristy, Marty, Aaron & Evan. A good looking family on a gorgeous Mississippi Beach.

fb 11-11-19 Family_17 1968

fb 11-11-19 Family_28 1968

fb 11-11-19 Family_56

fb 11-11-19 Family_59

fb 11-11-19 Family_53

fb 11-11-19 Family_51 1968

fb 11-11-19 Family_45

fb 11-11-19 Family_36

fb 11-11-19 Family_33

fb 11-11-19 Family_31

fb 11-11-19 Family_30

fb 11-11-19 Family_27

fb 11-11-19 Family_24

fb 11-11-19 Family_21

fb 11-11-19 Family_14

fb 11-11-19 Family_02

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