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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Two Days of Christmas

The last two days of Christmas are always packed full of excitement. The house is decorated inside and out and everything smells of pumpkin spice and sugar's my favorite time of the year. Jeffery was a great addition to our family this year.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-1
We took the kids to visit Santa...always a good idea, just before the BIG day. No new wish list surprises this year. I remember one year, Jackson asked for a train set with Santa - all I could think of was, where is that going to live?
The Bass pro shop has the BEST Santa ever. He asks about school and talks about the importance of listening to your parents & getting along with your siblings - he even talks about how important it is to read every day. I take the kids to see him every year & I can take my fancy camera and snap all the photos I want. These guys ROCK.
Madison asked for a Leap Pad.

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-11
Grant asked for a Nintendo 3DS & Pokeman Rumble Blast.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-12
Jackson has decided he's too big to sit in Santa's lap, but not too old to ask for a Nintendo DS too and anything Lego Ninjago.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-13
What a great bunch...
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-16
Then we wrote letters...
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-17

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-18a

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-19bw

FB 11-12-25 Grant Letter

After Santa's cookies are put out and the reindeer have been fed, and the kids are off to have dreams of sugar plums...Mike and I wrap our final gifts. This year, with the remodel - I should say, we searched the hidden places of the house for our final gifts to wrap. Some took longer to find than others, but we pulled off another fantastic Christmas.

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-31

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-54

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-57
I got Michael an ipad - and yes, I got the most cheesy engraving ever. I'm in gooey love.
FB 11-12-25 Dad ipad
And then, I opened an ipad - no clue... a nice sneaky job.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-45
I didn't even know Lego made robots - Mike is so crafty with his gift finding.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-47

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-46a

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-40
Yes, it will toast the Alabama "A" on your toast. This gift was a real hit.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-35

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-50
Holiday entertainment.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-33
Madison named this Christmas cat Gwendolyn. I don't know where she comes up with these great animal names.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-55
Mike really surprised me with a cruise to Bahamas. Wow. And he arranged my baby-sitter too. Best husband EVER.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-56a

fb 11-12-25 Christmas-60 1968
I have a really nice collection of gifts this year that I can't wait to play with. I'm really excited to dig into this graphic design pad. I got some great movies and awesome music and software. It's nice when you get exactly what you want and things you didn't even think of.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-72 1968
And my Mom bought this fun rug for my's just perfect.
fb 11-12-25 Christmas-76a

Hope your Christmas was as exciting and eventful as ours. A great day with family. A day to test the limits of my new robot stove, Rosie. A day that could easily be the best day ever. Merry Christmas friends.
XoXoXo, Daphne

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