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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Photo Nola

This weekend I was invited to attend Photo Nola with a local group of Photographers from the Eastern Shore Camera Club. We rented a 15 Passenger Van and spent a wonderful day looking at photography portfolios by Photographers from all over the country and got to soak in the sights, sounds and tasty smells of New Orleans.
When I signed up to attend, I had no idea about any of this. Photo Nola really celebrates the artsy side of photography that I always find fascinating. If you pulled out my portfolio, it's very bland by comparison. It a pure reflection of my work, Portrait Photography. But I was so wow'd by these guys. I left Photo Nola so inspired.
Here I am...exhausted after a full day in New Orleans, but bubbling with ideas and still rocking my sparkle scarf.

fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-16

There were 65 Participants in the Portfolio Review. Photographers were eager to answer all my questions. I was so interested in how these Portfolio Ideas come about. These guys are so creative. And what I enjoyed the most, is that these guys are just like me. They are Portrait Photographers too or teachers and instructors building this portfolio in addition to whatever pays the bills. I enjoyed a lot of artists.
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-4
Lisette's work was really neat. All her Photos were xrays of dolls. Very artsy - all black and white. Check her out here:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-5
Laura was great to talk to. She is from the Houston and the majority of these photos were taken of her daughter with a tiny plastic camera. I loved how dark the tones were in her photographs. Check her out here:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-8
Kiresten's work was so cool - literally. She photographed things frozen in ice. Photographs & objects in the ice all in black and white. It was such a different idea. Check her out at:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-9

Another favorite for me was, Anne George. There was a really great dark fairy tale feel to her work that I just found really fascinating. Most of her photographs are of the same young girl. Really great stuff. Check her out at:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-10
Sarah's work was also different. Everything she photographed was from the deep dark storage rooms of the Anniston Museum of Natural History. She had a lot of creepy dead birds to work with. Check her stuff out at:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-13
Nancy had a real artistic view of nature. I called it Panned Nature. {Darn you panning, if gives me such a headache.} The colors are so bold. I liked it. Check her out at:
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-15
I also saw a lot of odd things that I'd never thought of as a portfolio...Like JUST the back of t-shirts.
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-6
or People covered in drapes...(Self Portrait? Maybe, maybe not.)
fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-3
Other artists I enjoyed were:
Chuck Dye's Postcards from Prosperity. He was really interesting to talk to.
Kat Moser builds 3 different portfolios during a calendar year. I really enjoyed her water ballerinas.
Christopher Jordan, the new digital photography professor at University of Alabama had a great portfolio with Suburban Sublime. It has a foggy mystical feel. I liked it.
Donna's work is just of children. Its really cool because it looks like she just stops by and gets a shot of your kid doing whatever there are doing at the moment. I really liked that all the children were different.
Terry's Facebook Project was fascinating to me. It was shot like a GAP ad. I liked it. I wanted to immediately go buy some jeans.
Stephen is really witty. I enjoyed his work.
So, what happens to a normal gal after being overly inspired by 65 amazing photographers. Well, I'm ready to jump on board with an artsy side project. And I know what it's going to be and it has a name. I'm super psyched. And just like these guys, It may take me years to build, but it's going to be an awesome ride. Stay Tuned...

fb 11-12-10 Photo Nola-18
Hope your weekend was equally inspiring!
XOXO, Daphne

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