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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ellenburg Family Christmas Card Photo Shoot...

Taking the annual Christmas Card photograph is always a lot of fun. I like everything about it. Picking out the perfect outfits. Choosing a great location. Creating the perfect template for a wonderful send out. But if I had to pick on thing to change, I'd take my shots earlier...but you know when you're photographing other families either do your shots first or last...this year I was last last - but with low drama.
We took our photographs in my front yard. It's one of my favorite places to shoot, it's gorgeous. I'm happy to announce, that at this year's shoot, the threats for smiles were at a minimum. No one cried. We still included a pet. And I only had to say, "Can you see the camera at all?" only once. All in all a great photo shoot. I even let Jackson take a few shots. That kids got skillz.
Enjoy a few of my favorites...

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-66a 1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-7a 1968
Wacky hats make for great times.
fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-28 1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-29a1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-31 1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-33a
Yes, an Ellenburg Totem Pole.
fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-37 1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-39a

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-40a

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-43aa

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-44a

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-54a
Grant always makes laugh with his super cool poses.
fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-61 1968

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-63 1968
I love the shadow in this shot! I want to frame & stick it on the wall.

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-70a
Jackson took this shot - He did fantastic!
fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-25a

fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-16a1968
Yes, I dressed a cat in a dress & scarf for my magical Family Holiday Photography. No shame.
fb 11-12-17 Ellenburg Family-1a
Do you do a holiday photo shoot? - it's a fun afternoon adventure & a memory that will last forever - Think about it for next year :-)
XoXo, Daphne

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