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Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 42, Our Favorites

As a Photographer, "True Beauty" is an easy concept for me to get my arms around. Every day, I find something beautiful to photograph. Photographers see things differently. I catch myself "framing" life all the time. Being able to find the beauty in the ordinary and to capture the extra-ordinary make us special. Photography is truly an art and this week, you guys did a fantastic job. We saw every photography style imaginable, because we all have a favorite passion that we are drawn to. I enjoyed the beautiful faces, relationships, landscapes and flowers. But do you know what is even more beautiful than these "True Beauty" photographs? Its that so many of your photographs are getting technically so much better every week. It is truly a pleasure to be active in such a talented group.
Now on to our top ten always in no particular order. If you like the artists, click their links below and send them some love. Everyone could use an encouraging pat on the back and your words could make all the difference, so go on, pat away! Here we go...

ONE {Love the tones & the texture, well done}
TrUe BeAuty

TrUe BeAuty By Moopiecow

TWO {excellent lighting, hair is perfectly lit}
project 52/42 {true beauty}

project 52/42 {true beauty} By jsnnmom

THREE {Love the perspective, reflection, & sun - nice work}
Bear Lake in Colorado

Bear Lake in Colorado By Joyful Reflections {My Blog} {My Website}

FOUR {Love all the Blue tones, & no shoes, keeps attention on the eggs, nice work}

AllThings By SunnyKeri

FIVE {Great bokeh'd background, texture & gorgeous color}
True beauty  42/52

True beauty 42/52 By magova

SIX {Fantastic sharp eyes with a pop of color, nicely done}
MCP 42/52 {True Beauty}

MCP 42/52 {True Beauty} By ib4luvnit!/pages/Treasure-McPherson-Photography/201849063191595.

SEVEN {Beautiful color & cloud detail}
Fall Sky

Fall Sky By julesqults

EIGHT {Lines are always a winner, great lines here}

MCP 52.42 TRUE BEAUTY By krs2000

NINE {Beautiful whites & color pops - its wonderfully detailed, nice work}
True Beauty

True Beauty By laurasheppardphotography

TEN {Great selective focus, it's hard to make selective focus attractively blended - nice work}
MCP 42/52 True Beauty

MCP 42/52 True Beauty By Jillustrated

For many of you, you'll find that your "True Beauty" photograph is one of your favorite kinds of photography to snap at, for me that's easily true. My true beauty is my mini-me, Madison. She has been the most beautiful thing I've ever seen for the past almost 4 years. She fills our lives with joy and feeds my passion for photography. Here's a photograph of Madison and her robot cat, Edwin in my "Field of Dreams" just outside our studio.
42/52 Robot Cat Love

42/52 Robot Cat Love By Ellenburg Photography

Week 43's theme of "Shadows" has got me looking for shadows everywhere. And I am eager to manipulate them in my favorite black and white software, Nik's Silver Efex 2.0 - I know this group will find some really great things with this theme and I can't wait to see how creative you can be. Haven't joined MCP Project 52? There is still time to join. This year is creeping to an end, if there is a technique or something you've been itching to try, go for it. The only way to really succeed and to get better is through trial and error - every mistake gets you one step closer to perfection. Best of luck with your Shadow Photos ~ Wishing you a week of Family, Fun and Photography! Happy Snapping!

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