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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Box

Dear Halloween,
What's in the box?


Ps. I LOVE Costume Express.

For those of you just starting to get to know me, I really, really LOVE halloween. It's so much fun to dress up and pretend to be whoever you want to be for just a few hours. It's big fun for me when my Husband and I dress up as a last year...{he is always such a good sport} (You may want to look away)
Me & Mike
Yes, Burt & Ernie.
But it's twice the good time when you can get your whole family involved on a theme. For example: we have been the cast of Scooby Doo, Toy Story and one year we were all Darth Vader - that was a site coming to your door.
Last year, the kids did their own thing, and I missed our group theme.
I had a "Super Girl"
Blog P1014713
I had an "Indiana Jones"
Blog P1014643
and I had a "Pirate"
Pirate Jackson

But I didn't make a big deal about missing it (well, too much) and a funny thing happened...They missed it too! So this year it's back on! {Hooray!!}
I know it's a bit cheesy, but the kids really love it and we're making great family memories that they will fondly remember as they grow up. (We hope)
Here are some Possibilities for me & Mike that the kids can hop on board with...

I'm not crazy about wearing this tail.



What will the Ellenburgs be this year for Halloween? It's all in that one box. Stay tuned. Details coming on Friday.

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  1. I am personally pulling for Princess & a Wookie.
    {Just Sayin}