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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 37 - Our Favorites!

This week I had the pleasure of writing for MCP Action's National blog relating to Project 52 from the perspective of a participant. This was a lot of fun for me for many reasons. Mostly because I enjoy writing my own blog about my Project 52 experiences, but also it was fun to work with another photographer on this project, Catherine Cella of Joyful Reflections Photography.
Week 37 was an amazing week of Momentous moments both big to our nation with the anniversary of 9/11, but big to us individually. You guys really went out there and found some great stuff.
Here is our Photo for week 37. It's a shot of my middle boy, Grant, at our local college football game.
37/52 Jags still Undefeated! Many thanks for all the views and comments on our Flickr Board. He really does look like this at the end of every game, except sometimes, he wears two foam fingers.

So was writing the blog easy? No way, remember I'm in the midst of a FULL-ON main floor remodel, and I now have to wear shoes at home at all times. But we made a plan. {Plans are good} Catherine and I talked and emailed all week. We broke the blog into sections. We did our Bio's on Monday, Blog writing on Tuesday & Wednesday, and on Thursday we submitted our "It's in the Eyes" photo for the launch of Week 38. I chose this photograph of my twinkling in-house Ballerina, Madison.

38/52 Twinkling Eyes & Twinkle Toes
Friday morning, we chatted on the phone and picked the first 5 photos, and later that afternoon we picked the last 5 photos. We submitted everything to the official MCP blog moderators to put it all together and work their magic every week. Then I went to the mall. {I love the mall. I love the sights, the smell of Cookies & Coffee wafting through every store, just all of it} Not to mention, Friday night is date night for my husband and I - yep, I love Fridays and Michael Ellenburg. Anyway, while shopping, Catherine called and said that 5 of the selected photos were not downloadable for participation -RATS! So I went home {a feat that easily saved me $200, but I did manage to buy a snazzy new fall hat to match my grey pea-coat, but that is neither here nor there.} While I was driving home, Catherine was at home going the extra mile. She contacted the non-downloadable photograph owners via email and invited them to change their status to participate. Wow. Impressive. And guess what? They happily did it. (See what I'm talking about with that pat on the back, people need and they love it - I'd have done it if someone asked me) Hooray, we met the 7pm deadline.
Also, sidebar...if you enjoy reading the MCP Actions blog early Saturday morning with your steaming hot cup of coffee, as I do, and you say to yourself..."Hey my photo was just amazing, why didn't they pick it?" Go to your privacy settings and see if you permit the photo you entered to be downloadable, sometimes that's all it was. Just a tip. (If that gave you drama, drop me an email & I'll walk you through the change)
Long story short, of the 5 we were asked to reselect, we only had to pick 2 new photos. Not too shabby. Every photo selected this week was impressive to us, and moved one or both of us in some way. Many thanks to all the photographers that put themselves out there very week for endless judging amongst your peers. Every photo teaches someone somewhere something. Know that you are appreciated when you participate.

Visit this week's blog to view our top ten photos at http://www.mcpactions/blog

Here's a list of who we were really impressed with this week:

Nepean River Wedding By laurasheppardphotography {I've turned into quite a Laura fan, you will too} Visit Laura at

"Momentous Moment" By tumbleweed's shutter {Shot and story=amazing}

First Time To Bat By Catcher In My Eye {Deb is a lot of fun to follow, you'll like her too}

Momentous Moment By Karen Gibas {Karen shares my love for college football, specifically her baby's team. Karen, I might have been opening weeping in the stands as a MOM, and missed this moment completely. Just sayin. Nice capture}

Momentous Moment 37/52 - Signing of the Constitution By katypaskett {Katy, I love how supportive your family is. Your photos are so fun to me every week}

a time for reflection By anuragyagnik {This photograph was so moving. Anurag took many photos of 9/11 activity this week. All were very impressive}

36/52 By Danielle~Marie {I don't usually enjoy collages or borders, but you made it work. Nice job here}

My new old toy. 37/52 By JustLeesha {This shot was taken at the perfect time of day!}

111 By christy*b {this photo made me smile}

And the elusive, missing number 10 was ...

MCP Project 52 Week 37/52 - Momentous Moments By Fur Will Fly {I am in love with the yellows in this shot, not to mention this cool hand}

This week's theme of "It's in the Eyes" is going to be amazing. If eyes are indeed the window to the soul, I can't wait to see the fantastic things this fun group of photographers will get out there and capture. Project 52 really is a great way to get out there, to keep shooting and to NEVER let dust settle on your camera or hold back you're potential. Please be sure to visit the work of this week's photographers and send them a little pat on the back, everyone loves and sometimes we NEED it too ;-) If you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for? We are a fun group and you will be welcomed. Visit and sign up today.

'Til next week, wishing you a wonderful week of Fun, Family and Photography! Happy Snapping!

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