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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 36 - Our Favorites!

This week's "Thirst for Knoweldge" was quite quenching for me. I was really impressed with the creativity our group of photographers really brought to the table. We had so many fun shots filled with books and Red apples, and then there were some very clever Photoshop filled adventures. I always have a great time looking through the Flickr Pool with our weekly theme, there is so much effort put into each photograph...on the lighter side, for those of you that have been fired up with our weekly group, there are only 15 weeks left - so don't hold anything back! Now on to the top always in no particular order. If you enjoy the photograph, visit the artist's links below it and send them some LOVE. Everyone could use a little encouraging pat on the back, so go ahead and pat away!
Ready. Set. Go.


Thirst For Knowledge - Week 36/52

Thirst For Knowledge - Week 36/52 By newbiegirl77


MCP Thirst for Knowledge

MCP Thirst for Knowledge By pthurmond1


Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst for Knowledge By laurasheppardphotography
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36/52 Thirst for Knowledge - MCP Project 52

36/52 Thirst for Knowledge - MCP Project 52 By Sheryl Salisbury



Thirst for knowledge

Thirst for knowledge By magova

Thirst for knowledge

Thirst for knowledge By Andrewfierro

Week 36: Knowledge: Paper Crane Learns to Fly

Week 36: Knowledge: Paper Crane Learns to Fly By mcat2k7

Week 36: Bookworm

Week 36: Bookworm By andreathomasnc

writing lesson

writing lesson By Faithful&Fearless


Project52Wk36 By Joyful Reflections

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And now on to Ellenburg Photography's photo of the week. I really had full intentions of Photography filled with Books and Apples, but alas the excitement of my remodel and the none the less seemingly endless layers of remodel dust prevented me from really working in my studio...So, I hit up the kitchen for my shoot.
36/52 Thirst for Knowledge

36/52 Thirst for Knowledge By Ellenburg Photography

This photograph was a lot of fun both to shoot and to process. If you are wondering how I did it, visit my blog.

Next week's MCP Actions Project 52 Theme of "Momentous Moments" is sure to have our fun group of photographers creatively capturing the start of fall, birthdays, new life, new pets...there is an endless list of great ideas out there and I'm sure that you guys will find it. As for us, here at Ellenburg Photography...maybe I'll photograph our First Big College Tailgating party of the year or the popcorn ceiling I'm removing with advice from YouTube. Either way, we'll both be having a great time with our Cameras.

When you're contemplating your super fantastic weekly photo, think about Catherine and I - we have to create two photos this week. Catherine, of Joyful Reflections Photography, and I will be the scheduled guest bloggers for MCP Actions Project 52 blog next week. We're writing about participating in the project from a participants point of view. Plus...We're judging and launching next weeks theme. And we're super excited about the opportunity and NO, we won't tell you next week's theme. Ha! Ha!
Haven't joined Project 52 yet? What's stopping you? Visit or for more information. You won't regret it. This is one fun group.
Best of Luck with your Momentous Moments. Wishing you a week filled with Family, Fun and Photography. Happy Snapping!

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  1. Yea! Guest bloggers and judges for my two fave photographers! How KOOL! MCP Project group does keep us on our toes shooting and editing doesn't it!?
    Thanx for sharing your blog and facebook!
    Deb V.