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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Visual Resolution...

I'm a visual person. I'm the one always sending text pictures instead of messages. So this year instead of making a list that I'll pile bunch of junk on top of...I took photographs of my goals. I think it will be harder to hide from these. {Especially when I print them}

Twenty Twelve, here's what I've got for you...

Eat Healthy ~ Making good choices about what I eat and try to be consistent with my fitness pal {my new year obsession on the ipad}

fb 12-01-05 From the Attic-1

Shape up ~ Being Healthy or unhealthy is a choice. I'd like to live forever {with amazing triceps.}

1/52 "Iron"

Slow Down ~ My life is moving at warp speed. I refuse to buy one more movie until I watch all these purchased unwatched movies.
fb 12-01-05 From the Attic-3

Make time for me. Whether it's mastering my new graphic pad {that thing kind of scares me} or getting to route of my OPI obsession {maybe its all those darn cool names or the new Muppet glitter line}. These are some of the mysteries I'm willing to dig into this year and solve.
fb 12-01-05 From the Attic-10

Embrace an Art Challenge. I went to Photo-Nola last year & I've got this really great portfolio project trapped in my head...I've just got to find my follow-through. It's hiding again.
fb 12-01-05 From the Attic-14

And on top of all of these great things...I've still got to maintain my title of Super Mom & Amazing Wife. It's going to be a great year. I'm taking it to the next level. Hope you've got your ducks in a row too.
XoXoXo, Daphne

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