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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 33 - Our Favorites

With only 19 More weeks left in this year, August always feels like it's moving at warp speed - Summer is winding to an end and all the kids are heading back to start another year of school. This week's theme of "Slow Down & Look back" came at an excellent time. There were so many great takes on this week's theme by our talented pool of photographers. Many thanks to our selected Photographers this week. Their photographs are both a work of art and an inspiration. A link the the artist of each photograph is directly below it, if you enjoy the photograph, check out their work. Everyone likes a little pat on the back, so go ahead, pat away. Now on to our top ten, as always in no particular order.

Week 33: Time Flies

Week 33: Time Flies By andreathomasnc


Project52Wk33 By Joyful Reflections

227/365 Yellow Dog Club (33/52)

227/365 Yellow Dog Club (33/52) By PamK*

MCP 52/33 Slow Down and Look Back

MCP 52/33 Slow Down and Look Back By 'Swede'


Quiet By julesqults

33/52 MCP-Slow down and look back...

33/52 MCP-Slow down and look back... By Moopiecow


Slow Down and Look Back 33/52

Slow Down and Look Back 33/52 By katypaskett


IMG_7612_edited-2 By pthurmond1

Slow down & Look back...

Slow down & Look back... By brendec7

Be Still - 33/52

Be Still - 33/52 By Roger's Wife

And Now on to Ellenburg Photography's submission of the week. With Colleges starting around the country, tons of Freshman are Slowing down, and looking way back with Math 090.
33/52 Look way back, Math 090
33/52 Look way back, Math 090 By Ellenburg Photography

Week 34's theme is "Connections" - I'm seeing lots of siblings and families, hand holding, puzzles...and lots of surprises. We have quite a creative group of photographers participating in Project 52, I'm sure we will all be wowed! As for team Ellenburg, I've got a few crafty ideas for this week too - hoping to slow down from the Rush of my college freshman and my remodel to enjoy my Camera a little this week.

Many Thanks to the talented photographers who share their time and their talents here on MCP's Project 52. You inspire us to try new things and to learn and grow our craft. Big Thanks to you! If you haven't joined us at Project 52's Flickr group, it's not too late to join. This is a fun group and you will be welcomed. Visit or for more information.
Wishing you a wonderful week filled with Family, Friends and Great Photography. Happy Snapping!

Ellenburg Photography's award winning photographer, Daphne Ellenburg, specializes in Wedding Photography and Family Portraiture. We are located just north of Mobile Alabama. We proudly serve all of Alabama, and Gulfcoast Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. (251) 656-7601

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