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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Off Camera Lighting Workshop

Saturday I attended a fantastic Off Camera Lighting Photography Workshop. This workshop is part of the many workshops offered by the University of South Alabama. Taught by Carlos Prieto of Mobile, Alabama and Joshua Dahl of Oceans Springs, Mississippi. The class was fun and very hands on with a great small group.
Course started with a slide show and explanation by Josh...

fb 11-04-29 phone-12

fb 11-04-29 phone-11

Then we went over some amazing off camera lighting - I must say that I'm quite impressed with Alien bees. I've read and read and read about them but to see them in action was really a treat for me. Here's a couple of what we worked with... (P.S. I want them all)

fb 11-04-29 Class-05

fb 11-04-29 Class-06

Then our instructors taught a set up and we all shot with the equipment. We set up and shot both indoors and outside in the sun. Using this large variety of equipment was Big FUN.
Here's the Set up...
fb 11-04-29 Class-23
And my Shot.
fb 11-04-29 Class-27a
Here's the Set up...
fb 11-04-29 Class-14
And My Shot.
fb 11-04-29-21 Jamie
Just one more...The Set UP...
fb 11-04-29 Class-10
My Shot.
fb 11-04-29 Class-13a
We went about this most of the class. I really Enjoyed it.
fb 11-04-29 Class-08

fb 11-04-29 Class-07
Our Model, Jamie, was very chipper the entire day. Great fun to work with. Many thanks to all the wonderful new people I met and to our instructors Carlos & Josh. This was a great class. I now want many new and exciting things for our Ellenburg Studio. Ooooh, I can't wait.
fb 11-04-29 Class-28a
For more information on photography workshops in your area, visit for courses offered at the University of South Alabama. For more information about our instructor Josh Dahl, check out his website at

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