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Monday, March 14, 2011

I won! I won! I won!

I couldn't even begin to think of a better title for this blog that would even come close to putting into words my position from somewhere on Cloud 9. I am so happy to tell you ... This year, I entered the Festival of Flower's Photography contest titled, "All Things Bright & Beautiful"
031311 Phone Randoms-21
I love the Festival of flowers & attend every year, but what you may not know, is after attending the 2006 Festival of Flowers, I met my husband. I often rememeber my love for Michael, with the date of the Festival of Flowers.
There were so many categories to choose from, I entered my "Beach Blossom" into Rushes by the Water, and with my catchy title, you know I did ok.

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-07saph + Golden Autumn

I attended the photo Judging on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at Calagaz in Mobile Alabama. In short, I'd never attending anything like this. It was great.

031311 Phone Randoms-23

All weekend, I was asked, "What was it like?"

031311 Phone Randoms-22

It was like watching a photo you worked so diligently at on American Idol. Three judges telling you all about the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. But it was also like auditing a really great photography course at a great college. There was so much information given on everyone's favorite question, "Why?"

031311 Phone Randoms-27

You heard about things like the rule of thirds, Sharp as a tack, and my favorite NEVER or ALMOST NEVER center your suject smack in the middle. (I'm not a fan of that either, but my Mother LOVES it) My favorite part, was one Judge who is an instructor from SpringHill College, always went into detail about how a photo could have been better. I loved that part. This was no short event with about 300 entries to judge, we were there until about 1:30pm. It held my interest & time flew.

031311 Phone Randoms-25

I got to meet some really interesting people. I had the privlege to sit near this above artist, a budding photography enthusiast at St. Paul, and her mother. It was neat to ask the question people want to know when touring a photo exhibit, "Where was this photo taken?"
When all was said and done, I was elated to find out I placed for Best in Show. WOW.

"Is Daphne Ellenburg here?" My hands flew up in the air, with spirit fingers wiggling - "ME!" All I could think of is that part in Legally Blonde, you know... The part where she realizes she got the internship. I had an Elle Woods Moment. Can't remember? watch it now
Confession: I love this movie.

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-07saph + Golden Autumn
My photo will be on display at the Festival of Flowers, March 24-27, 2011 and then will travel around like around like a rockstar to Providence Hospital & The Mobile Museum of Art. I am very proud and greatful to have participated in this event. Many Many Thanks to the Festival of Flowers for having this fun event and Big Thanks to Calagaz for being such a great host and for such great customer service always with both Printing and having all the wonderful things I love to buy for my Olympus Obsessions. I bought the camera that took this photo at Calagaz.

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