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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10/52 "Childhood Toys"

With two small boys (Jackson & Grant) and one big boy (Mike) there are more than enough Gi Joes to go around for any project. I call this Project 52, "Gi Joe & Spirit Fingers"
Enjoy, I know I did.
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fb 030811a toys-05

fb 030811 toys-01
Sneaky Cobra, always lurking.
fb 030811 toys-07
A Quick Studio Pull Back.
fb 030811a toys-01

I have really been enjoying MCP's Project 52, it's been fun to really go out there and put your creative photography hat on and shoot more than the babies & brides that I love to shoot. I equally love that my family is always willing to help, I seriously had so much trouble making these guys stand up, famous last words of my husband last night, "You're posing them all wrong!" I love that guy!

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