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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mobile Wedding Photographer | Fryer Caudillo Wedding

Couple | Danielle and Lindsey
Date | 6-11-16
Ceremony & Reception | Kirk House - Home and Garden, Axis Alabama
Mobile Wedding Photography | Daphne Ellenburg

It was a sweltering Alabama afternoon in June at the Kirk House, and it began to rain. You would think this would be the end of the world for a beautiful bride that spent months planning the most gorgeous outdoor wedding you've ever seen - but not for Danielle. She knew better, it was less about the weather and more about the day.

  Wedding Photographer | Saraland Alabama | Ellenburg Photography 160611 Wedding-9964 E 

 It all began with an unfinished job application in a small town. They ran into each other quite a bit, him at her job - a great place for lunch, and her at his job - a great place to unwind and they made small talk about the weather or classes. When she asked for an application at his job, the small talk became more real talk. And the run ins were more frequent and the dance of dating had begun. She never turned in that application and instead of a new job, she found a new love. She's quirky. He's serious. They are the perfect combination to create a wonderful adventure for an exciting happily ever-after.

  Saraland Wedding Photographer | Ellenburg Photography | Kirk House 160611 Wedding-9543 

The rain cleared and Danielle and Zac enjoyed a beautiful outdoor wedding surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy a sneak peek of their exciting adventure.

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