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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why YOU should take a Maternity Portrait?

Pregnancy is such hard work.  I mean look at you, you're trying to do everything just like that baby doesn't bother you at all....You're working full speed, getting a baby's room together and trying to stay healthy for that special someone who is going to change your life completely - Maternity portraits are often overlooked just because you are too busy. I have four babies and I know how you are feeling. My advise is to slow down, and get your portrait created. Not for you, but for your baby.

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Maternity Portraits are the FIRST gift you give your baby. Think about it, you will never look like this again. Believe me, I know sometimes we are thankful for that because are ankles are swollen and are rings don't fit, but inside you for a limited time is a perfect little gift from God waiting to come out and change the world. Your world. Do you have a portrait of your Mom pregnant with you? I poll every Mom that comes into my studio with this question and only 1 out of 5 have one, and it's not usually more than a snapshot.

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You have time to give your baby something stunning. Coming into the studio allows someone to help you to take the best portrait of you and your baby with amazing lighting and gorgeous wraps and dresses to accentuate your bump while keeping you looking amazing.

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Maternity portraits are a great way to document this special time with your husband or partner. It's going to only be the two of you for a little longer. Your new baby will loving seeing you both together in his photo.

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And if  your new baby has siblings, I know they are excited to be a BIG brother or BIG sister. They would love to be in a photo to show how excited you are that your family is growing.

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Maternity Portraits are also a great time to start hunting for that special photographer to capture the precious new life that God has blessed you with. Someone that can see her as beautiful as you do. Someone who will have the patience and kindness you want when handling your precious Angel. Odds are if you find someone who specializes in Maternity, they also specialize in babies.

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Don't wait! Schedule your maternity session for 33-35 weeks - but in all seriousness, if you're still pregnant, it's NOT too late. I've literally had Maternity sessions, 2 days before delivery. (You know who you are :-)! )  If you are in a time crunch, tell your photographer, any good one will find a way to work you in. Don't spend one minute regretting that you didn't get this wonderful portrait opportunity. Beautiful Maternity portraits are the best gift you can give your baby before you give them the world.

To learn more about Maternity Portraits in our studio, visit our website at or contact our studio directly at (251) 656-7601. The Ellenburg Photography Portrait studio is located just north of Mobile, Alabama at 914 Saraland Blvd South, Saraland Alabama 36571. Ellenburg Photography is a proud member of PPA, WPPI and the Saraland Chamber of Commerce.

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