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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Engagement Party Pics

I had a wonderful time this evening at Belk's Bridal Party in Spanish Fort, Alabama. I was just in love with my table set up, I'm in love with all things black & white, especially damask. The look came out really nice. Enjoy some photos compliments of the amazing Iphone 4 & Hipstamatic.021711 Bridal Show-03a
About 30 minutes after the start, I gained my No-show neighbor's table - a big win for me. It became the centerpiece for my favorite Bridal Mosaic. Hooray for me! If you've never seen my Bridal Mosaic, I can mesh all your engagement, bridal, wedding & reception photos into a gorgeous Mosaic of the Bride. It's one of my favorite things to make. (it's below in the corner)
021711 Bridal Show-02a

021711 Bridal Show-04a

021711 Bridal Show-16a

021711 Bridal Show-27a
Here's a few Vendors I really enjoyed...
021711 Bridal Show-09a

021711 Bridal Show-11a

021711 Bridal Show-19a

021711 Bridal Show-17a

021711 Bridal Show-20a
I passed out Lots and Lots of handouts!
021711 Bridal Show-22a
I love ring pops!
021711 Bridal Show-23a

021711 Bridal Show-27a

021711 Bridal Show-25a

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