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Saturday, January 29, 2011

5/52 Week Challenge, "Muse"

FB EP 012911 My Muse-05aMA

This week, when asked to photograph my "Muse", it was easy to know that my Muse is Madison. Some people search for a long time to find their muse. I waited 30 years for my Muse to find me. Madison is an eager model for all new props and backdrops.
She loves being in front of the camera, and I love taking her photographs.

FB EP Muse one

FB EP 012911 My Muse-10aVE

FB EP 012911 Muse two

FB EP 012911 My Muse-08aHE

FB EP 012911 Muse Three

FB EP 012911 My Muse-13aGL

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