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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Want to remember a Great time? Take a photographer on Vacation!!

August 29, 2009
Bon Voyage! Here I am...(a rare not behind the camera shot, taken by Jr Photographer, Jackson) with my handsome husband, Mike. We are starting our annual honeymoon cruise on the boat we were married on. Oh, yes...we were married on a cruise boat, years ago. All the photos in this blog were taken with my new Olympus snorkel camera - You are looking at beautiful Mobile Bay.

August 31, 2009
Beautiful Progreso Mexico
We visited the Mayan ruins of Dzibichaltun. Hands down my favorite thing! This is the oldest Mayan ruins to date. They are 1000 years older than Christ! It is crazy to think that we were able to have such a great adventure on something so old and no one warned us not to break it. We hiked all over this Mayan city and climbed and climbed and climbed! Was it hot? The Mexican sun shows no mercy. When Grant was apple red, I told him he's ran further on the wii - got to keep in perspective.

These are markers - like road signs of the past - all are completely weathered and unreadable, but still standing. How cool is that? Beyond the above marker, is the Temple of the Seven Dolls.

September 1, 2009
Beautiful Cozumel Mexico

In Cozumel, we rode the submarine Atlantis. We traveled all thru the Chankanaab marine park. We saw lots and lots of coral reefs - but did not see Nemo. The sub took us 103 feet under the sea. That was really awesome!

Grant was sure he was the Coca-Cola Cowboy - but really bought this hat to be more of a Dr. Jones after seeing his own Temple of Doom.

As promised - this is the allusive Golden Jesus - found years ago on a snorkeling adventure. It's still here! Pretty fantastic, huh? It's 12 feet tall!

I always look forward to this trip. We haven't ever taken the kids with us until this year. We had such a GREAT time!

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