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Monday, September 7, 2009

Vacation Quotables

As all great adventures go, there are many things said that will entertain us all year long...
1. "I can't control my fattness!" - Grant, after eating his Molten Chocolate Cake - he ate one every day the entire cruise
2. "The Mexican Sun shows no mercy" - Mike, the day after refusing the 50 SPF.
3. "I'm taking the kids to Camp Canaveral" - Memaw, it's Camp Carnival Mom. Come on.
4. "Mom, can I sacrifice Grant?" - Jackson, at the temple of the seven dolls.
5. "Mom, did you check out my dance moves?" - also Jackson, after winning a dance contest with accompanying medal, yes medal. This inspired Grant to enter the talent show as a dancer. Very entertaining & on video for future entertainment.
6. "Ming Ming? Ming Ming? Ming Ming!" - Madison, she loves some Ming Ming.

7. "Can I spend wet Money in Mexico?" - Jackson, after realizing he took his wallet snorkeling
8. "That's Dr. Jones to you" - Grant, after purchasing his Indiana Jones hat & matching whip. He's serious about adventure.
9. "I'll have the hamburger" - Jackson, after a lengthy discussion about finally eating at a real Mexican resteraunt, on the beach no less.

10. "Pool!" - Madison, pointing to the ocean. She's going to be so much trouble.

11. "It's a Cat!" - Madison, said about every towel animal every day, and sadly every time a towel was wadded up after someone's shower.

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