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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There is something magical about the start of spring. No more frost on my windows. I can wear capri pants. Spring.  It's coming I can feel it. And it's all I can think about. Looks like I have spring fever.
So next week, it's time for new window displays. New Windows make me all excited like a kid on Christmas Morning. Meet Madison, Sydney and David. These gorgeous kiddos will be rocking our store front windows starting next week.

Spring 2015 Windows

5 foot babies are my favorite.  Beware: Spring Fever is contageous.

Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a bussling Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and all things Apple. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at or email her at

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