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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ellenburg Family Holiday Photos

The Ellenburg Family Photo-shoot is one of my favorite times of the year. These loving faces are one of the reasons I LOVE photography so much. They indulge me like this twice a year, Mother's day and the week of Thanksgiving for my birthday.
I love these knuckleheads.




Blog 112010 Ellenburg 1

BLOG 111910 Madison-05A
She thinks this photo is so hilarious.
BLOG 111910 Madison-16A

BLOG 111910 BABES 3

BLOG 111910 BABES 1

Blog 111910 Babes 3

BLOG 111910 BABES 2

BLOG 111910 KIDS 2
The three of them did so good together this year. I know a lot of families wait until their babies are older to tackle the family portrait, I say why? You miss these great moments. The kids are changing so fast. Last year I would have NEVER gotten them all looking at the camera at the same time, this year, they are pros.
BLOG 111910 KIDS 1
This hat is funny.
BLOG 111910 Ellenburg Babes 1-27A

BLOG 111910 BOYS 1

BLOG 111910 GRANT 1

BLOG 111910 JACK 2

BLOG 111910 JACK 1

Blog 111910 Ellenburg Babes 1-19M

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