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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ellenburg Photography is Proud CureSearch Sponsor

Today Ellenburg Photography was listed as a proud sponsor on the New Orleans area CureSearch Website! Our flyer is up on the CureSearch site - hopefully this will help us to raise lots of money to help erase childhood cancer! It feels good to give! You give $25 to CureSearch & we give you the memories for a lifetime in a 20 Minute Photo-shoot! Let US update that family photo for a good cause or how about a some quick engagement photos or those Easter pics you keep planning to take. Let's raise some Money for CureSearch! visit to buy your ticket today!~ REMEMBER BUY A TICKET OR SELL A TICKET OR TELL SOMEONE ABOUT OUR FUNDRAISER! TICKETS ARE BEING SOLD FOR 2 EVENT DATES IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN SELECT LOUISIANA PARISHES - PLAN FOR MARCH 27TH OR APRIL 24TH.

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